Add some Star power to your Property Management Career

It’s no secret that Coronis has one of the best leadership teams in the property management industry. Jodi Ford, Jodie Stainton, Tracey Kelly, Kristy Lord, Karen Pearce and Fiona Nichols collaboratively work together to deliver innovative strategies, intuitive systems and comprehensive training for their team in order to make the renting experience as easy as possible… for our clients and our team. They are an exceptional group of ladies, who all possess their own unique ‘Star powers’ which is what truly makes our team so special.

Jodi Ford

Star power: Vision

Having started with Coronis in 2001 as the company’s first property manager, Jodi Ford has built the Coronis Property Management department from the ground up with a crystal-clear vision for the future. She has an innate ability to rally her team behind a common goal and inspire growth in every individual which ultimately ensures our landlords receive the best customer service on offer in the industry. Staying ahead of the game through global research, topical business trends and industry changes, Jodi knows exactly where she wants to lead her team and how she’s going to achieve it.
Jodie Stainton

Star power: Growth

With years of industry experience in a variety of roles and businesses, Jodie Stainton’s passion and star quality is undeniably growth. Whether it’s individual growth, team growth or business growth, Jodie has a can-do, positive attitude and a willingness to roll her sleeves up, work hard and actively achieve the desired goal. She knows better than anyone how important it is to motivate her team and help them achieve their personal aswell as professional goals. As the Head of our Growth team, Jodie works closely with our Business Development Managers developing new prospecting and marketing systems in addition to customer service training.

Karen Pearce

Star power: Strategy

Karen Pearce works closely beside Jodi Ford to deliver the strategy for the Coronis Property Management department. She has great attention to detail, a strong ability to look ahead to where the industry is heading and an unmatched determination to implement ideas guaranteeing our team is one of the most innovative and progressive in the industry. Karen knows exactly how to turn a vision into reality and simplify the task at hand so that it can be understood by all involved and properly executed over time.

Tracey Kelly

Star power: Emotional Intelligence

Tracey Kelly knows that empathy and the ability to understand what a tenant, landlord or employee is going through in certain situations is the key to successful leadership and property management. When it comes to challenging or unique circumstances, she has an extraordinary ability at finding a solution that every party is happy with so that everyone can move forward and focus on the future. Having joined Coronis in 2009, her friendly, selfless and caring personality has endeared her to the entire team, including many long-term employees.

Kristy Lord

Star power: Empowerment

Having worked in teams of all sizes and now managing one of our two property management villages, Kristy Lord is one of the best in the business when it comes to empowering her team. She understands it’s a fine balance between providing her team with the freedom to make their own choices and giving them the tools and processes to make those choices effectively and wisely. She is a prominent leader within the industry who quickly builds a fundamental level of trust with everyone she works with, which ultimately results in her getting the best outcome from each team member.

Fiona Nichols

Star power: Excellence

Fiona Nichols star power is Excellence, she knows exactly how to get the best from her team, motivate them and provide strategies to achieve an uplift in their performance. She has an unparalleled level of determination and willpower to achieve not only her goals but ensure that everyone on her team achieves there personal and professional goals.

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