Award Winning Training

We’re extremely fortunate to have one of the best property management leadership teams in Australia, with varied experience and skillsets that they have learnt from many years in the industry across different businesses and roles. Our team benefit from this in more ways than one.

In-house training sessions

As we’ve already mentioned, our property management leadership team have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in our industry and have experienced all types of market conditions, client scenarios and challenges. Our goal is share what we’ve learnt and educate our team so they are some of the best trained in the industry, with a superior knowledge of legislation, asset management and customer service. With this in mind, we run monthly training sessions where all our team come together and learn about current hot topics, changes in the industry, new software and system updates and tips and tricks to help manage their portfolios better.

Information training seminars

Given the size of Coronis’ network, we’re able to call on many businesses, industry organisations and coaches to deliver external training for our team so ensure they are receiving the latest information available from different sources. For example, we’ve organized for the Queensland Police to deliver training to our team about drug labs and how to identify and manage them, Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers came and spoke about insurance policies and BDM Coach Deniz Yusuf spent a morning with the team talking about customer service, growing their portfolios and time management strategies.

24/7 Support

We’re committed to growing our team and portfolio each year, but we’re also equally committed to ensuring every property manager and business development manager on our team is fully supported by a leader. Everyone on our team belongs to a village with a dedicated Area Leader who they can call on 24/7 to ask for assistance in gaining new business, a marketing question, help with any of our software or systems, QCAT or a challenging situation. 

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