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Think of it like a partnership. You get the benefits of Coronis’ 35 year’s experience, systems and intellectual property to grow your own rent roll, managing as many clients as you want to from your own home. With the support of our marketing team, we help you generate awareness and branding in your market while also providing you with trust accounting support, automated systems and the latest in technology to free you up to give the service you desire. 

We help you transition from a paid employee to a business owner (with all the benefits of an asset) by assisting you with a pay-back retainer for the first 13 weeks while you’re getting started. Our investment in this partnership is vast, which is why you can be assured we’ll do as much as you to make this work.

70% of Revenue

Choose your path and have an unlimited earning potential to become financially free!

50% Asset Value

You will own 50% of the asset value of the rent roll. 

3% Referral Fee

Super charge your income by referring Coronis Now to your friends and co-workers.

Are you a business owner?

If you’re a business owner already and would like to take the opportunity of reducing your costs and being a part of our amazing community, please get in touch. We can discuss arrangements that would suit you.

What is Coronis Now?

How I Grew My Own Business

Ready to experience the Coronis Difference?

Case Study:

Here’s a realistic case study based on rent of $400 per week at 7.5% management fees. 

Case Study:

Here’s a realistic case study based on rent of $400 per week at 7.5% management fees. 

Case Study:

Here’s a realistic case study based on rent of $400 per week at 7.5% management fees. 

Property Management in a Box

Everything you need and more to run your successful business. All proven to succeed from 35 years of experience, excellent marketing and systems, strong unparalleled leadership and training.


Awareness Campaign








Rewards and Recognition




Professional Development


Trust Accounting


Maintenance Partners


Allied Services


Operations Manual


Compliance Systems


Customer Satisfaction Survey


Managed Properties



NPS Score

Years Experience


What do I need to get started?

Real Estate Licence
Driver’s Licence
Mobile phone
Reliable internet

How long does it take from yes to launch?

This mostly depends on you. It’s likely you need to give notice where you are or take a little time to get things in order. We find it’s about 2 months from the time we sign contracts to telling the world you’re open for business.

We have a monthly take-in – that is, once per month we start our partners so all partners can support each other while learning the ropes. There’s 4 weeks of intensive training (2 days per week).

What does Coronis Now expect?

The finer terms and conditions are to be agreed to, but basically, we expect you to grow and manage your own rent roll, participate in the Coronis Now Community, be a goodwill ambassador for our brand and deliver excellent customer service.

What if I want to cash in?

We know circumstances can change, or one day, you’ll reach your goals and want to cash in. We make it as easy as possible with three options.

Option 1: You let us know and sell it to us for a predetermined amount.

Option 2: You find a buyer at a higher amount, and we either match your offer or cash in with you.

Option 3: You let us know, pay us out at a predetermined amount and continue with your business.

What support do I receive?

Coronis Property Management Academy
You’ll be backed by a proven brand with over 35 years experience, excellent marketing and systems and a strong, unparalleled leadership bench.

We’ll also support you with comprehensive ongoing training and development, including;

Coronis Now Reward and Recognition Program
An important part of our success at Coronis is our fantastic awards and recognition program. Coronis Now Partners will have the opportunity to compete and attend Quarterly and Annual Award events.

We’ll keep it exciting with leaderboards and community challenges.

Coronis Now Community
The Coronis Now Community will become your second family. They’re experiencing what you are. We expect you’ll be an active member of the community, assisting those around you to reach their goals. If we all support each other, we’ll be unstoppable.

What’s the catch?

Thinking it’s a bit too good to be true? It’s the first thing our very first Coronis Now Principal asked. There’s no catch – you invest in us and we invest in you. There’s some terms and conditions to protect both parties, but we think we’ve played fair. We know if we all win, we all win.

Are there any other costs to join?

Just one: a small ongoing fee of $295 incl GST per month. This is to help us to cover costs while you’re getting you business up and running.

Your chance to change your life!

We’re not just a company, we’re a family.

At Coronis, we take ordinary people and create extraordinary lives for them. Our steadfast values, which were established by Theo Coronis 35 years ago still form the foundation of what guides our extraordinary family today. We are a team and we create clients for life. That’s what is important to us – the people, not the transactions.

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