Coronis innovation is helping take the industry further, allowing like-minded real estate professionals turn hard work into heart work and realise their passion for real estate by taking charge of their business. One of the partners, Vicki Wharton from the Gold Coast, shared some of her experience of what it’s been like for her in the past few months working with Coronis’s latest venture. “I’ve been in the industry for nearly 17 years and meeting new people and building strong relationships with them has always been a passion of mine,” she said. “I joined the new e-business model over four months ago and already achieved my first goal of signing on 40 properties, and it’s only the beginning of my journey with Coronis. “It feels amazing to hit this first milestone, as it means that with this many properties under my belt, I can pay myself about $1000 a week already, taking me one step closer towards a secure financial future for my family. My next goal is to manage 60 properties, and I will get there soon. “As time goes by, you realise how precious it is. You don’t get your time back, so why not spend as much of it as possible doing the things you love. That’s why I think it is so valuable what Coronis is doing. “By having freedom and flexibility to work the hours I set to work, I can create balance and spend time with my two daughters. Just recently, I signed on a property while enjoying one of the many vacations I planned with my family for the year — needless to say what a privilege it was! “Coming from a property management background, it means so much for me to gain the trust of my clients to come up with the best strategy for their investment and manage it as part of my own business. “If you’re a real estate professional on a look-out for the next opportunity and want to run your own business, being under the wing of a reputable brand like Coronis is an amazing kick-start for entrepreneur-minded individuals.”