The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the number of property managers quitting their full-time job at an agency and starting their own businesses.

Director of Coronis Now, Jodie Stainton said the trend of property managers going out on their own had been emerging over the past six years but had really skyrocketed in 2020 as a lot more people in the industry had realised their worth while working remotely and that there was a better way to earn more.

“In the past six months, more than 500 property managers have contacted me and enquired about starting their own business, working for themselves and running their own portfolio for a range of reasons,” Ms Stainton said.

“Currently, we have at least two property managers signing up each week to partner with Coronis Now as they are craving the opportunity to manage their own time and grow an asset that they truly own.

“Property managers are some of the most hard-working people I know but a lot of the time, they’re some of the most underappreciated, undervalued and underpaid people on the team.

“With the emergence of cloud technologies, job losses due to COVID19 and working mothers needing more flexibility, a lot of property managers have been forced into unemployment so they have started working for themselves which I believe is fantastic.

“If you think about it, once you establish a property management portfolio, it’s a pretty stable income stream as tenants pay rent every week (including public holidays) and you have the opportunity to do things exactly your way and provide the customer service your clients deserve.

“To put things into perspective, managing 100 properties is a full-time job. The difference is if you’re working for an agency, you’ll earn an average salary but if you go out on your own, you could earn more than $140,000 per year while living your desired lifestyle.

“For example, one of our Coronis Now Partners, Vicki Wharton once signed a new management up while enjoying a day on the beach with her daughter while another one of our partners, Carlene Murdoch went on a holiday to the USA but continued to manage her own portfolio here in Queensland.

“There are so many stories like this which demonstrate the amount of flexibility you can achieve in your life when you start working for yourself, especially when you have access to the right technology, systems and support from like-minded professionals to help you grow your business, which we offer through Coronis Now.

“My vision is to inspire all property managers in the industry to follow their dream and start your own business if that’s what you’ve always wanted to do. I know you can do it and do it successfully. Especially when there’s a system that will help you achieve your goals,
accelerate your growth and build your worth.”