Claire McGrath is on the mission to grow her worth and provide exceptional customer service to her clients, while having the flexibility to live the lifestyle she wants. Here’s how Coronis is helping her do that.

“By choosing to operate a business in partnership with Coronis has really been a no brainier. From the initial meeting with Jodie Stainton, I could see that she was and is genuinely passionate about helping to get people into owning their own business. With this model not only do you get to work from home you have the capability to run the business as a proper service to your clients. 

“You create happy clients whilst you are building your own asset, which helps future proof your life moving forward. For some mums out there, this is the difference that they have been waiting for, to run their businesses in their own time and still have a great work life balance.

“For me running my business from home reduces the cost of operating in a commercial premise and allows for more money in my own pocket. It reduces the stress and worry about paying extra bills and means that by doing things this way we get better deals due to the size of Coronis. From my perspective I get a better work life balance, my dogs love having me at home and so do my children.

“The Coronis community has been all encompassing and they want you to achieve as much as you do. Although we work from home we are networked with people across Australia and regular catch ups and coffees and even the odd Friday night Teams Meeting drinks will occur. Whilst it is hard to schedule some of the Community activities because we all work to different time scales, you know there is always someone there for you when you need a bit of help or ear bending. 

“The creation of this type of business has not been without its stress points, but no business is. However, knowing that you are working with a very experienced and passionate property management guru has made joining up in partnership worth the speed humps. Undoubtedly this model, in future, is a force to be reckoned with, and if you haven’t considered it for yourself, you should and if you are a Principal of a business you should be worried.”

Are you a real estate professional with a desire for more out of your career? In the past year, Coronis Now model has been helping business owners grow their business with confidence. Find out how you can become a partner here.