One of our Coronis Now partners, Vicki Wharton, shared what the experience with the e-business model has been like for her in the past eight months.

“Coronis has given me the opportunity to open up my own business, they have taken all the hard work and costs out of starting up. This is amazing for anyone that wants to start a PM business that does not have the collateral or time to put into completing the necessary things to get started. 

“There is something so different to working for yourself and actually owing your business, than working hard for a company that own all your hard work and you are capped and governed by a salary. The fact that in less than 8 months I have built my own business which is now worth $260,000 – amazing. I have looked at other business avenues and can’t see that in this short amount of time, I have been able to replace my income and now have an asset which is going towards my retirement. 

“This opportunity has given me the freedom to work from home and be a mother at the same time. I have more time for everything in my life, health, family, clients, friends etc. It has been life-changing! I think in years to come this platform will be the norm, and corporate companies and agencies will be abolished. I have already received feedback from my owners that they love my response time and efficiency. Tenants have also said it’s great that they are dealing with the business owner, and not dealing with ever changing PM’s, it makes them feel special and important.

“Being my own business I have a personal interest in everyone, not just the owner. Coronis have really backed me, and have something that I don’t personally have but need, the brand.”

Are you a real estate professional with a desire for more out of your career? In the past year, Coronis Now model has been helping business owners grow their business with confidence. Find out how you can become a partner here.