With Coronis’s help, Sharon Turner now runs a sustainable business that she can rely on, along with building her connections and growing her skills.

“Since Joining Coronis Now is Nov 2019, I have been able to successfully build my own little business from home while still being able to care for my disabled housemate.

“It’s grown my base of friends and colleagues and opened up a world of support and industry leading innovation and during Covid 19 I still had my own business that I was still able to keep growing while other PM friends and support staff lost their jobs. 

“The support has been amazing and even when sometimes the onboarding had some bumps in the road the support made it easy to resolve.

“Coronis Now has given me an opportunity I would never have been able to achieve on my own and a network of fantastic people to lean on and learn from.”

Are you a real estate professional with a desire for more out of your career? In the past year, Coronis Now model has been helping business owners grow their business with confidence. Find out how you can become a partner here.