By partnering with Coronis, Sara Young was able to hit the ground running and now has a sustainable business that will continue to grow.

“Having previously owned a real estate business, that was not financially viable due to cripplingly high overheads, I vowed never to go down the path of business ownership again.  When I heard about Coronis Now, it seemed too good to be true, but the more I looked into it, the more I realized that the model would be perfect for so many property managers to achieve their dreams of building an asset.

“The model allows me the autonomy to run my own small business with the complete backing and support of a big company.  This structure gives my clients the benefit of personalized service with the benefits of a big brand. Partnering with Coronis Now allows me to benefit from all of the technologies, marketing collateral, subscriptions and trust software that a small business owner could not normally afford.  Their structure allowed me to hit the ground running and start to immediately build an asset.  They even loaned me money to help support me through the first 3 months.

“After just 6 months I now have an asset of significant value that will continue to grow.

“Working from home has been a dream.  My previous property management role saw me commute to work for almost 2 hours a day.  This time saved has allowed me more quality time with the family.  

“Loneliness and a lack of a team of workmates is a challenge for many sole traders, but with the Coronis Now structure, we still have a team, but they are in multiple locations.  Way before the Covid-19 lockdowns we were having zoom meetings.  The whole team are always there to support each other and bounce ideas off each other.  I am glad to say I have made some lifelong friends from the Coronis Now family.

“If you had asked me 12 months ago if I would want to run my own business, the answer would have been a definite NO, but the last 6 months have changed my life and changed my future.  Sometimes things that sound too good to be true actually can be.”

Are you a real estate professional with a desire for more out of your career? In the past year, Coronis Now model has been helping business owners grow their business with confidence. Find out how you can become a partner here.