Queensland’s leading real estate-integrated mortgage brokerage Coronis Finance has enhanced its leadership structure by recruiting Robert Seton and Michelle Standley to support the growing team.

Financial Services Director Tyson James said following the business’ exponential growth over the past five years, it was time to evolve the leadership structure to help mentor the team of 24 brokers in doubling their settlements this year alone.

“I’m delighted to welcome Robert and Michelle to our team,” Mr James said. “They bring over 30 years of combined leadership experience across mortgage and finance sectors which will be essential in helping support our brokers in achieving their career goals.  

“The need to upscale our leadership structure came from the rapid team growth, with 12 new brokers joining us throughout 2019, helping us increase new business settlements by an incredible 308 per cent.

“As Michelle and Robert will be leading a team of 12 brokers each, they will be able to spend quality one-on-one time with brokers, assisting them with all facets of their roles because, at any phase of our careers, mortgage brokers have to wear a lot of hats which is why this extra pillar of support is so vital.

“Each of our brokers are already writing on average between $2 – 5 million every month based on their own prospecting, attending open homes, working within Coronis’ real estate sales and property management teams in addition to receiving 65-70 qualified leads each week from our internal finance BDM team.

“Furthermore, we’ve found that our BDM team has become a valuable gateway for those new to the finance industry and provided them with the opportunity to learn from our leadership team before progressing into a mortgage broking role.

“Ultimately by enhancing the leadership structure, our team members can reach their professional goals much quicker and have the financial independence to live the lifestyle they want.

“I’m really proud of the team environment that we’ve created within our business. It is a real opportunity within the mortgage brokerage industry to join a team of like-minded people who bounce ideas off each other, support our mates, collaborate where possible and at the end of the day, have a lot of fun doing it.

If you want to join our Coronis Finance team, follow the link to find out how.